Thursday, October 20, 2016


I made a mistake.  I bought a Leica M Monochrom on eBay before I left for NYC.  By mistake.  I thought I was buying the new 246 version.  It would have been a great price, but it was expensive for the 240 version.  I shouldn't have been buying anything at all anyway.  I am broker than broke.

When I picked the camera up on Tuesday, I felt guilty.  But, oh my, the camera was a beauty.  A great and guilty pleasure.  I had forgotten how much I liked my old camera.  So I put on a lens and went about taking pictures.  And when I got home, I downloaded them into the computer to see how they were.

Bad news.  There were artifacts in every image.  Sensor corrosion.

I wrote the seller about it and told him of the problem.  He has agreed to take the camera back.  Leica will replace the sensor with a new and improved one for free, but it might take months.  I am sending the camera back.

I should be relieved.  Rather. . . I am sad.

The roofers are here--without the boss.  They are yelling and cursing and fighting, and I have zero confidence that they are not fucking everything up.  Nine Jamaicans beating the shit out of my house. I can't think.

NYC fades away.  Perhaps they will finish this project by Saturday.  Then. . . maybe. . . I can tell you a story.

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