Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Return to "Normal"

I am back from NYC and may have tales to tell. . . but not today.  The roofers are here now--about ten Jamaican fellows freaking out about the steepness of my roof-- and are tearing the place up.  I have little faith.  My recent life has been a series of regrettable mistakes, I feel, and this could be one of them.  There is little choice.  The roof leaks and must be replaced.  I went with the much less expensive company.  What will I get?  What I pay for?  What I deserve?

We must always hope that we don't get what we deserve.

I have much to say about the New York trip, however, though there will not be many photos.  I saw art but didn't make it for I was not alone.  When traveling, one must be a good companion.

But that is the story for another day.

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