Saturday, November 26, 2016

Technical Troubles

Here's a Fuji instant 4x5 picture from Thanksgiving taken with my Black Cat Liberator.  I have been trying for two hours to get the scan from one computer into another where I could do my old magic with it.  But I couldn't get the picture out of the computer where I scanned it.  Operations just kept grinding to a horrible halt and everything would freeze so that I had to force quit and restart the computer.  I finally ran a diagnostic test on it and apparently there are some errors that the computer can't fix.  Terrific.  I finally got some of the scans onto a portable hard drive and took them to my big iMac where the Adobe Cloud apps are located.

I couldn't do the old magic.  I don't know how.  First, it has been a long time and I'm not certain I recall all the steps.  But I probably could if all the functionalities of the new Photoshop had not changed.  The tools are all different.  And everything is slow.  I will have to go back to Photoshop school before I can work again.  Hours.  And hours.  These were not small, incremental changes. These are big Fuck You changes.

I am sick of Adobe products.  I am sick of Apple products, too.

But what can I do?  I'm stuck.

So the camera is cool, no matter.  As you can see in my Vespa pic, the depth of field is really narrow with the lens wide open.  Focusing is difficult and critical.

I will load some holders with black and white film today and shoot it and then develop it here at home in open trays inside my huge developing tent.  That will be frustrating, too, because I have to work at home.  I need a studio to do this sort of thing, a place where I don't have to worry about chemicals spilling, a place where I can leave things where they are.  I will be shitting out of my mouth as I try working around the house.

I am frustrated, you see.  I want to make art again.  I have the tools.  I need the space and time.

But look.  You can see the little wicker basket I attached to the back of the scooter to help me with marketing.  I think I look a bit silly now, but what the hell.

O.K.  The day has gotten away from me.  I need to make an earnest start.  There is much for me to do today in what I have left.

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