Saturday, December 10, 2016


Q has inspired me with his no-alcohol or fat lifestyle and long, athletic rides in the Sonoma foothills followed by heavy weight training.

Yesterday I skipped the gym, went to an early dinner, then came home and watched "Bad Santa" while drinking BIG glasses of full-fat eggnog with Old Forester bourbon.

I fell asleep halfway through the movie.

As I write this, I am drinking Peet's coffee and eating a cranberry-something-nut breakfast loaf.

I think this is the kickoff, really, to the Christmas season.

Today I will buy a small tree to replace the Restoration Hardware one I bought last year.  The LED lights won't come on, so we are going to buy a two-three foot tree and decorate it with LED lights.  It will sit on the same table with the same tasteful bulbs.

"Take me to the farm, daddy, you said you'd take me to the farm today."

Or something like that.  My weekend will be filled with shopping for things.  There will be no end to the champagne purchases.  But many, many other items, too.  Ili has chosen Christmas Angels off the tree at the grocery store.  Little kids who might not otherwise have presents write out all the information for things they want for Christmas including their clothing sizes and put them in an envelope and tie them with ribbon to a decorated tree in the store.  We will buy them things they want, but I am throwing in some weird stuff, too, like seahorses and fake doubloons.  I'll probably get in trouble for that.

I thought to make little gift baskets up for all those I supervise at the factory.  I mean really little bags filled with goofy stuff plus one scratch-off lottery ticket.  Silly stuff.  It will take time.

And there is something Ili wants at the big mall.  I don't mind watching the holiday shoppers, and though I swore never to go there again, I will go.  And there will be big lunches and more holiday drink.

I'm determined to help Q look like Bradley Cooper when he is standing next to me.

It turned cold in the night, so the cat, being clever if not smart, decided she wants to cuddle and stay inside.  She is lying on my foot as I write.

I must go back to bed now.  I promised.  And truly, just the thought of it is exciting.

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