Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Creepy Creepies

This is what happens sometimes when you ask someone if you can take a picture.  I am too careful when I have someone with me.  I have a different personality when I am out photographing alone.  Maybe it is a secret one.  I don't know.  But I am like a yearbook photographer when I have someone around who I know.  I took this when Ili and I went to the little hipster market one evening.  My other persona, I guess, is just too transformational.

People of a certain ilk like to use the word "creepy."  Anything can be "creepy."  I've begun to fling it back.

"Your lips are creepy when you talk.  Your whole face gets creepy."

"You are like a neo-creep, some closet sado-nazi in jack boots."

"You're like one of those creepy boy scout christians, all square on the outside. . . ."


Tell me the guy in the photograph isn't creepy.  Look at the creepy woman beside him.

Note the sarcasm.  These were really nice people.  I was just making a point.

And that was. . . ?  Oh, yea--I can't make the same sort of pictures when someone I know is watching me.  Just as I can't write the same when people I know are reading me.  I can't tell you I want to photograph your daughter and your grandmother in their underwear, for instance.  That would be creepy.

But imagine how wonderful the photograph would be.

It is taking me less and less time to read the news in the morning.  I skip most stories now.  I don't want to know.  It is too monstrous.  I spend more time looking at camera gear.  I would like to say I am looking at more photographs, but I am not.  They are difficult to find now.  I think everyone is in hiding.  Photography is too dangerous.  The photos I see are sanitized.  Even selfies.

But those are the times.  We'll just have to wait for the kids of kids to grow up before things get interesting again.  

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