Monday, January 23, 2017


First off--I am not a good vacation photographer.  I may not be a good photographer at all.  But it is impossible to take a serious picture when you are with someone.  At some point, I just gave up.  There is an interaction with the street that is impossible when you are not alone.  For me, anyway, that is the truth.  I will go back to Miami to photograph on my own one day.  I will.

Because it is beautiful.

Miami is one of the prettiest places you can go, especially in winter.  It makes everything else look dull.  The beaches are beautiful, the downtown spectacular, and now, there are little neighborhoods popping up that are quiet and sophisticated.  You can dance with the Kardashians on South Beach or you can sup with ambassadors downtown.

One of the best bookstores in the country is Books and Books in Coral Gables.  That is where the Leica store is, too.  And now Ili wants a weekend at the Biltmore.

Such is Miami.

We had fun.  Lots of it.  And we met interesting people who I will report on in future posts. . . probably.  The Airbnb place we stayed in was perfect.  We plan to go back.

That is the light-hearted skinny on the weekend.  I am changed in good ways, like I will not write about cameras or the process of photography here any more.  Boring.  Cameras are all good.  There are no bad ones.  There are only boring and bad photographers.  I am afraid I have become one.  No need to speak about it.  The proof is in the a) putting--or-b) pudding?  I don't know.

As you can read, I am an airhead at present.  So it is.  I'll be better tomorrow, I hope.

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