Thursday, January 19, 2017


My friend wrote me this morning to tell me he was up enjoying the last full day of the Obama presidency.  I agree.  Tomorrow something else--something horrible--begins.  But I am not all there, for last night, the new Leica M10 camera was announced.  I am a horrible person.  I am obsessed. I don't care if people make fun of me and throw feces my way.  I WILL have this camera.  You might read this with disgust.  You may be repulsed by my acquisitiveness.  You might want to tell me that "things" won't make me happy.  I don't care.  It is the most filmic digital camera ever and I want it (link) (link).

Let me know if you need a wedding photographer/videographer.  I'll give you a good price and a great product.

Besides, it seems that experiences don't lead to happiness either.

From the review:

College sex, it turns out, is not so very different from the hotel food in that old Jewish joke made famous by “Annie Hall”: terrible, and in such small portions.

Almost one-third of college students never hook up at all. Those who do report mixed feelings about the experience, with one in three saying that intimate relationships in the past year have been “traumatic” or “very difficult to handle.
“In addition,” Ms. Wade writes, “there is a persistent malaise: a deep, indefinable disappointment.”

But I don't care about that or about the president or anything else right now.  I have a deep and burning desire.  I am haunted, hounded, bedeviled, and beset.  

Help me!  Buy a print, hire me to photograph something, or just send money.  I can sell you a brand new Leica M 262, too.  

Tomorrow I am going on a mini vacation.  Ili and I are off to south Florida.  She booked an Airbnb room in the Winwood section of Miami.  I don't know the area, so I Googled it.  Looks like Dry January is coming to an abrupt halt.  It is one of the "coolest" hipster areas in the country, an Anthony Bourdain nightmare (link).  Hipster life is Cocktails and Cuisine.  I will not be an ideologue about drinking.  Life is for the living, and I aim to explore.  

Posts may be spotty for the next few days, but I am pretty sure there will be pictures coming--even without the M10. 

Stay tuned.

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