Wednesday, January 18, 2017

You Know How I Feel?

Great article in the N.Y. Times about how people feel (link).  The surprising conclusion is that people feel about things differently depending on their experiences, environment, etc.  I'll bet the people in this photograph have different experiences in life and have very different perceptions.

The way people feel is important.  I feel like I can't make the pictures I want to make any longer.  I feel as if I would do better in Italy.  Or I felt that way until I looked at an article about a photographer in Albania.  Now I feel like Q and I should go there.  We would be like Daniel and Peachy in "The Man Who Would Be King."  Conquerors, of sorts.  Albania looks ripe for a photographer such as myself.

Maybe we could go by way of Italy just to be sure.

We're going to have to go somewhere.  It's about to get very rotten here.

Thompson was right, of course.  Nothing is weirder than America.  You can try to shock it, but it will only incorporate you into its twisted American Dream.  Bats and giant lizards have nothing on it.  It is weirder than you, weirder than I.

Obama just pardoned Chelsea Manning.

But hell, it's not just America any more.  They gave the Nobel to Dylan.  What the fuck?

How do you feel about all that?  Don't worry.  There will be a poll to let you know soon enough.  I'll bet the way democrats feel about this will be much different from the way republicans feel about it.  I'll be there are sexual orientation differences, too.

But I feel I need a poll to be sure.

Feelings are often accurate, too.  I never felt like Q was going to do that triathlon he was touting.  Now he isn't.  I'd like to know how he's feeling about it in more detail.  I feel as if he has Trumped us on this one.  Maybe he should just write a story about how it feels to be there from the clubhouse bar, practice a little New Journalism in a Gonzo key, so to speak.  Hyperbolic prose.  Paranoid accusations.

Jesus, really, Trump should have been a writer.  He would have been great.

O.K.  I feel like its time to go to the gym.  I'll put on my support socks and try the treadmill.  Don't think I'm kidding.  I just got some PowerLix Best Quality Ankle Supports for my Achilles tendon problems.  I'm going to strap myself in and turn on the afterburners.  All the old fuckers better get out of my way.  

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