Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Joker Is Wild

(Anna Ostanina)

I am in love with this process as practiced by Anna Ostanina.  It is a gumoil procedure that is very labor intensive and time consuming.  That is what it takes, you see.

I, rather. . . .

This is mine.  I did it with the iPhone.  It is pretty quick and easy.  Oh, there is some selective decisions in the making of this.  I mean. . . it didn't come straight out of the phone.  There is art everywhere you look.

Still, if I had more time. . . .

Do you ever have those nights full of dreadful and gloomy premonitions that wake you in a panic and won't stop no matter what?  Sure you do.  That is what I had last night.  I thought I might for unknown reasons.   I should have taken a nerve pill, but rather, I toughed it out.

I think it was two things in combination.  I got a flu shot yesterday as the height of the flu season is coming here as the snow birds come piling in (the state needs a travel ban), and as the day wore on, I was beginning to feel its effects.

So I didn't want to go out last night.  Not that I ever do, but I really didn't last night, so we made more pho and sat on the couch and dialed up a movie.  For reasons unknown, we decided to watch "Suicide Squad."  I know, I know.  But sometimes you have to put your finger on the butthole of a generation just to keep abreast.  I would be better off, however, not knowing.  The movie disturbed me because I know there is population of kids who want to emulate Harley Quinn and The Joker.  No doubt about it.  In a world of alt.facts, there is no crime, only power.  There is only losing and winning.  In a post-liberal world, the vacuum has invited post-moral sensitivities.  In the New Order, morality is only a power construct devised to control the poor.

At least, that is what I think is happening.  Trump is The Joker in the White House.  There is no illusion of reason or stability.  The Joker thrives on chaos.

The flu shot made me vulnerable, I guess, and so I spent a night in Arkham.  I will try to shake it off today and find my way back.

I used to be so happy.

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