Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fear and Regret

Like Q, I have written something that I have decided not to publish.  It is an insightful piece of journalism that explains everything about the common era, but I got a chill just as I started to hit the publish button.

We must live in fear under the New Regime.

Fear both the Left and the Right.  They are equally dangerous, mean-ass motherfuckers.

And I'm no Middle-Man.  The left is just a Theoretical Jihad crowd.  The right is just stupid and perverted and greedy.

Just.  Ha!  Did I say "just"?  That is enough.

I wanted to say that before you gave me shit about the picture.  You may be missing the point.  Did you notice the string?  That is the brilliance of the thing.  That string.  Perfect.

O.K.  I wrote for an hour before I wrote this.  Now it is time to put on the uniform and oversee the assembly line.  This is America.  People need to Work.

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