Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hurry Now

Yesterday afternoon, I came home after work to have a glass of wine with Ili.  I hadn't had a drink all week, and I really enjoyed it but found that I could feel the effect.  It was pleasant.  I like drinking and the way it lightens the day, softens the edges, makes everything different.

Ili had a professional woman's meeting that night, so after drinks, I was on my own.  I pulled out the old Vespa and jetted away on some minor duties.  The bike is much livelier with only one rider, and in the cool late afternoon air, I was feeling free.  I scooted down the Boulevard feeling especially "La Dolce Vita," passing the open air bars and restaurants and cafes like a bon vivant.

Then off the Boulevard, man I was quick.  I usually drive pretty slowly so that Ili and I can take in the sights, but I was feeling. . . well, "boyish," and 150ccs moves pretty fast on the bottom end.  I found I got around town like lightning.

As the light began to fail, I came back to the empty house to look through the photos I've been taking lately.  I like the new little cameras, and I am learning how best to use them, but when I have the time to think about it, I still want to make something like art.  It takes concentration, though, and time.  Lots and lots of time.

I looked around the house at the seeming millions of dollars in cameras and lenses and computers and printers and scanners and film and developers and all the rest of the stuff.  When will I ever get to use it, I wondered?  When?

We all know that a camera can be a very dangerous thing.

I will try to forget all that today.  There is lawn business to take care of and fun to have, too.  Oh. . . and I must help my mother move a bed.

Q sent me this article this morning (link).  This is how we end up, I thought.  This is the way of the road.

The clouds are moving in already.  I think I'd better hurry now or nothing will get done.

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