Friday, March 3, 2017


Jesus--I look like Kilroy in this picture.  I shouldn't show it.  It is not a fair representation.  But Ili likes it.  She says that the bump is my sunglasses, but I think she is wrong.  This is how I will appear in my dreams, now.  Kilroy.

I don't feel like writing about Cuba today.  I would have to go process pictures and I don't have time.  The day is beautiful with sun and cool air that will become warmish, so I think I will leave work early today.


A friend is leaving for Paris in a week to be a flaneur.  That is all I want to do.  I wish I had majored in Flaneurship.  I am envious.

Why does Ili like that picture?  She has some deep-seated hatred for me, surely.  Quelle domage.

Such a pity.  Oh, well.  Selavy.

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