Saturday, March 4, 2017

Something or Nothing

I've gotten Ili to start taking pictures from the back of the Vespa as we drive around town.  Magical things happen, and she is learning the wonders of street photography.  Perhaps she will understand me better as she marvels at what comes out of the experience.

I am lazy today.  We are on a kind of mini-vacation and last night drank beer on the deck watching the beautiful afternoon disappear before deciding to go to a little Italian cucina where we sat in close quarters and drank a bottle of wine and ate a hot pepper pizza with the early, blue plate crowd.  Cozy. Then we came home to lie on the couch and watch old movies so we could expand our 1920's vocabularies in those special voices.

"Say, what's the big idea?  I want my fair share, see.  Don't you be giving me the high-hat."


We watched "China Seas" with Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Wallace Beery.  It made me want to watch something with Jon Lovitz in it.

"Yea. . . that's the ticket!"

I am paying for the beer and wine and eventual scotch combined with a pizza and the cookies we bought from the cucina and brought home.  I will take a very long walk when I finish writing this and drink plenty of water today, though I know lunch will include wine and a nap later on.

And so. . . Cuba will have to wait.  I haven't processed any more pictures, and now I think that I will post some and just write a narrative around them as they come.  Maybe just short vignettes.  It doesn't matter, really.  Something, or nothing.

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