Sunday, March 12, 2017

Republican Time

I wish the clocks in the house matched the clocks on my phone and computer.  Fuck--I HATE changing the time.  It is a Republican scandal just like Repeal and Replace.  Once you get all the money, you have to find other ways to make people suffer.  Something has to replace sexual pleasure other than Duncan Donuts.  Make the LITTLE PEOPLE suffer.

As I've been saying, you're either rich or you little people.

Let me remind you, too, that I've been cataloging all the ill health effects of time changes for many, many, many years.  Finally there is evidence to support my very logical claims.

I want to remind you, too, that I told you all what would happen after the Fukushima disaster.  I've been absolutely right.

Yesterday afternoon, Ili and I went shopping to fill our desires for the last days of staycation.  It has been decadent practice for retirement--sleeping, eating, going to outlet malls and Big Lot stores.  We've worked in the yard, planted some geraniums in pots, put down weed and feed. . . .  We've watched things on t.v. that we never would otherwise.  Bill Burr was the find, but last night we watched hours of Groucho Marks on the YouTube.

Anyway (as my mother says), yesterday we were in Whole Foods buying cheeses and breads and olives and apples and pears and all the fixings for pho, then we headed over to the wine section, and I saw this: Spanish wine with three different labels.  I pulled back.  Yes, that is what happens if you drink, no doubt.  But why?  Why would they tell you that when you just want to buy some wine?  Is this some warning the Spanish government makes them put on wine bottles?  Jesus.

Ili says she thinks it just marked the ages of the wine, but that still makes no sense.  Why would you do that?

I had to take a picture and send it as a warning to all my friends.

But marketing is marketing, and I drank this one instead.

It was cheap and it was good.  Today I am going back to buy a case.  Wine keeps, right?  Because today is the last day of decadence.  Ili tells me that tomorrow we are going to begin a cleanse.  Something to do with our livers, not the house.  So there will be no drinking for awhile.

I will miss it.

But what the hell.  I am going back to work and I am too fat for the beach and Spring is almost upon us, so it will be lemon juice and water in the morning, cleansing teas and pills at night.  So I am told.  I will be rid of all the fat and toxins I possess.

I'll try to get back to my original weight of eight pounds, eight ounces.

Tomorrow, I will get up in the dark that will stay dark, then go to bed shortly after sunset.  It is what I get for living with other people.

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