Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Ili got a kick out of this photo.  Why don't people trust men with cameras?  I'm sure this image will be on the cover of Yoga Today.  Shoot, the photographer even had an assistant.

I'm glum.  I am not sleeping well and my attitude is ugly.  I think it is the early arrival of summer.  It is hot, already in the 90s, and humid.  The rains have already begun.  I may break.

But there are other things.  The cat.  My mother.  Expensive house repairs and replacements.  The fall from a lofty branch at work.

It doesn't make me creative.  I decided in my almost sleep last night that I will just have to do things.  I will just have to work.  There is plenty of that to do.  I'll just keep moving, doing.

Or maybe I'll go back to yoga.  It looks like more fun that it used to.

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