Saturday, June 10, 2017

Albuquerque, First Night

Long day of travel yesterday, but we got good bulkhead seats on the plane with lots of legroom.  This is what we stared at for the three and a half hour flight.  Bag claim, shuttle bus, rental car, and we were at our hotel by five.  And what a hotel room we have--living room, huge bathroom, beautiful bedroom.  The hotel is a converted looney bin, and the conversion is spectacular.  My kind of music greeted us in the lobby.  We headed up to the rooftop bar for cocktails, then a walk around town before dinner.  Albuquerque is a "City of Bums."  They are everywhere.  That and drug addled, tattooed youths who wander about yelling at things while wildly gesticulating.  We shared an upscale dinner, though, at the bar.  I, however, was getting wobbly from the travel and higher altitude drinks and a general lack of sleep.  We drank a bottle of wine and headed home thinking to go to the rooftop bar for a nightcap.  We didn't.  Rather, we snuggled and afterwards wanted only some scotch and a shower.  I brought a portable bluetooth speaker, and we put on "our" music, stuff that only Wes Anderson might appreciate.

We woke this morning to the site of fifty or so hot air balloons rising above the city.  Strange indeed.

No plans today.  Just drifting to see what we see.  Now. . . breakfast.

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