Saturday, June 24, 2017


What happens when we are home alone?  The best laid plans are difficult to remember.  You get sidetracked.  Suddenly you are Googling things and looking up recipes and photographers and cocktail mixes.  Then you get on the Vespa and go to the liquor store to get ingredients.  You were going to do so many things.  Download and print pictures.  Hook up the new hard drives.  Try your new photo technique.  Other things you can't remember.  Instead, you make yourself an Air Mail champagne cocktail.  Just to taste.  And boy, is it good.  Then you get on the Vespa again to get the things you need to make dinner.  Then you watch camera porn on YouTube while you eat.


I had plans for this morning, too.  Best not to do that.  Plans get in the way.  Thinking, too.  Thoughts rather than actions.  Thinking drains the body of energy.  Hours go by.

It is late.  I need to DO something.  Anything.  Getting dressed would help.

Mi cabeza es muy malo.

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