Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Yesterday was travel--from a sauna to a steam room.  Albuquerque was hot and dry.  Home is hot and wet.  Those blue skies have been replaced by clouds.  It's o.k.  Whatever.

Coming home is always difficult.  There is no easy way to come back.  So we went to the only bar that can make a cocktail and let the bartender choose.  I wanted something with champagne in it.  Ili wanted a daiquiri sort of thing.  I don't know what we got, but they were good.  Mine was actually topped with a small flower.  Giggle if you will, but I liked it.  After that, we headed to the ramen noodle bar.  Then to the homemade ice cream store and then the liquor store.

But today we become something else.  Back to work.  Back to exercise.  Back to diet.  Back to the routine and the grind.

There is no easy way to come back.

I gave up on photography this trip.  Why?  If you are only taking snapshots, just use your phone.  That's what I ended up doing.  iPhones are good cameras.  I am tired of lugging around photo gear. There is no lugging with an iPhone.

Our last night in N.M., we stayed on an organic lavender farm.  They sell it.  They cook with it.  There was lavender in the deserts we ordered after a dinner of seared duck with organic beets and parsnips and a creamy garlic soup.  Ili was adamant.  We had four deserts.  A bottle of wine.  More.

Yes, today the penance begins.  I will have work piled wide and deep.  It is a soggy morning, this the last day of spring.

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