Thursday, June 8, 2017

Swell Idea

I continue to disintegrate  in the night.  There is another word I want to use.  I know there is, but I can't call it to mind.  And that is what happens in the darkness.  Normal activities are no longer within my grasp.

I am beginning to fall apart in the daylight hours, too.  As a result, I should say.  Maybe.

I write another big check today for house repairs.  It continues to rain.  Where there was once draught there are now floods.

Maybe it is the news that is ruining my sleep.  I need to stop watching.

But how can I?  Today is a national holiday.  Comey is going to testify.

"Ah, boy, we've got 'em now!"

If you don't watch the news, though, you know what is going to happen.  Little.  "We" don't got nobody.  We don't even have a clear picture.

I need to meditate badly.  I mean I am in need of good meditation.  My "self" is fractured and needs repair.  I do that for the house.  I need to do some of that for me, too.

I should try telling someone else's story.  That's what I need to do.

Say, now, that's a swell idea.

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