Tuesday, June 6, 2017

True Artist

Let's use a picture from a real photographer here.  August Sander.  Most of his work is lost.  What a shame.  

He sure knew what he was doing with a large format camera.  He probably made just a couple photographs of each person.  

These images make me wonder what it is that people want to see--and how does one show it?

Intimate strangeness is my answer.  That is what I have grown up on, perhaps, with the likes of Arbus and Frank and their forebears and heirs.  Offbeat documentary.  

That is more than photography.  It is something else, perhaps some inner condition, a twisted gaze, and the ability to connect.  

It is a huge and terrible commitment.  Other things have to be left by the wayside.  

Everybody wants to be an artist, but nobody wants to live the life.  

Some, I guess, have no choice.  

But you can be a talented photographer without being an artist.  Same with painting, writing, et. al.  I could name many who are.  Maybe that is good enough.  

Here is Dylan's Nobel Acceptance Speech (link).  I haven't listened to it yet.  Maybe there are answers there.  

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