Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Once Upon a Time

I've been going through my old hard drives, and good news--I found my old Lonesomeville files.  Bad news--I'm finding everything else, too.  Depresses me.  I used to take a lot of pictures.  I used to do a lot of processing and experimentation.  It must have been all I did.  It will take me hundreds of hours to get through it all.  There are a billion images that have never been processed.  Now I will begin a gargantuan task.  I will organize and catalogue it all, get them onto labelled drives, back those up, and maybe know where I can lay hands on things when I want to.

I don't know that I will be allowed the time.

I'm thinking about a trip to Detroit City.  Yup.  It is cheap and my friend who has been is encouraging me to go.  I've had other people ask me why I would rather go there than go to Quebec City or Toronto.  A couple reasons come to mind.  One is that it would cost more.  The other is, who in the hell goes to Detroit?  I'll tell you who when I come back.  I hear it is becoming an artists town, a hip spot like old SoHo before the Bobos got there.  I will take my camera.  I have no idea what I will see, but shooting in Downtown Detroit City should be something.  If I don't get shot.  I am full of all the news stories from there.  I won't know until I go.

This is a picture from the files--NYC, 2010.  I will be digging through them for days upon days.

Last night I slept alone and dreamed of taking pictures, black and white film and my little Leica M7.  It is what I want to do.  Not all I want to do, but what I want to do.  I will.  I have to work it out.  There must be pictures, there must be pictures. . . .

I used to be good.

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