Saturday, July 22, 2017


There's a huge battle brewing in Texas over the transgender bathroom bill.  Yup.  And people are concerned that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers.  O. J. got his parole.  People can get worked up over any of that.

Then there is this (link).

Haven't heard people talking about it that much.  A friend sent me the link, so I know some people have it in mind.  But not like the other stuff.

Ili and I decided to go plastic free.  Yesterday was a shopping day, so we loaded the car up with our own shopping bags and headed out.  It all worked well at Total Wine, of course.  We filled our wine carriers and walked out.  After that, we went to a variety of places including Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Costco.  We bought drawer dividers and sheets and pillow cases and other things I can't recall just now.  What I do recall, however, is how much packaging stuff we had to throw away, and how much of it was plastic.  Even when you try. . . .

I Googled "biodegradable plastic" and what I found was mostly about the controversy surrounding it. I wonder how much of that is generated by the plastics industry?  I will have to look further.  I thought there were "plastics" made of rice, but maybe it is just paper.  Whatever, plastics, like Monsanto, are the devil.

Did you hear about Trump?  Ha!  Just kidding.

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