Sunday, August 27, 2017

Only $100

I'll never do it again, I swear.  Never.  I was warned, but I didn't/couldn't listen.  I didn't get to bed until two o'clock and probably not to sleep until three.  I feel like shit this morning.  It is not a good thing for old men to do if they live on the east coast.  Nothing is good for your health on the east coast.  Every event is made for the west coast.  They never need to stay up late.  I should definitely move.

My friend told me not to do it.  I told him he was a sissy and that he should make sure he stays away from gluten.  He feels much better than I do today.  Plus, I'm out the hundred bucks.

To wit, here's the deal.  I have to recoup my losses in some way to even begin to feel better.  I'll sell you any two of my 16"x24" prints for $100.  That's right.  I'm losing money on the whole thing, but I have them and they are just lying around, so I've already lost the money, so to speak.


Maybe I'll try selling some on Etsy.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.  I'm stupid and make bad decisions all the time.  I live on the east coast.  I stay up too late.  I spend money for pay-per-view.

And my takeaway is this--boxing is like badminton compared to MMA's tennis.  It's like the games we made up when we were kids.

"You have to keep your right foot on the yellow dot and you can't use your left hand except to block."


Please buy some prints.  I won't settle down until I recoup my losses.  I'll even throw in the Popiel Pocket Fisherman if you order before midnight (link).

Now. . . I have to go drink some water.  Water will be my friend.  It will help bring me back to good physical health.  I think I took more punishment than the white guy.

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