Friday, October 6, 2017


Ili is out of town.  I realize the difference.  There is this and there is that.  I like both, but I have one more than the other.

Last night, under a Harvest Moon (which I couldn't see due to cloud cover), I watched YouTube videos of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.  Those times don't look so good from here.  It is quite embarrassing.  No matter.  It was massive.  The whole world was susceptible to it.  It was made for the masses.  Nothing heavy.  Art light.  ArtLite.

As a result, we have The Donald.  He is the group hallucination.

Enlightenment for Stupid People.  ESP.

Its like giving acid to a duck.  What insights they must have!  They get that much closer to God.

But then again, it was a bromide to what was on television.

I live in a world where all my bromides are quite unacceptable.  It is a case of identity politics gone bad.  I can't speak out loud except to friends.  Sometimes I feel like Renfield begging for a kitten.

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