Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Again

I've never looked forward to Thanksgiving except for the days off.  But today, I will do the cooking.  It will just be my mother and I unless someone drops by, but there will not be a lot of food for them.  My mother is on a diet, so our dinner will be "reduced."  I will grill some buttermilk marinated turkey pieces, make green beans and potatoes and cranberries and stuffing, and there will be wine.  And though I didn't tell my mother, there is a pecan pie.  The store was out of pumpkin which is a bummer, but we weren't going to eat desert anyway.  I panicked, though, at the thought of not having any, so I grabbed the pie on my way out.  Damn, though, I wish for the pumpkin.

Am I supposed to be thankful today?  I am, of course.  I have everything but I still want more.

I desperately want to cut a piece of pie for breakfast.  I don't think my mother would mind.  Maybe I'll just eat it and not tell her we have it.  That would be best.

I bought an Amazon Fire tablet.  My iPad has had it.  I have been using it for the past day, and I like it.  For $100, it is a better deal than Apple offers.  And the Amazon music app is much better than Apple's.  The tablet is new, so it rips through the internet the way my old Apples are no longer able to do.  Yup, I like it.  Except for one thing--I can't message on it.  It won't link with an iPhone.  There are conveniences I have gotten used to with Apple.  I will have to see if I can live without those.  There are better products than the ones Apple offer, but nothing is as easy and comprehensive--at only three times the price.

It is an ugly day here, clouds and rain and great humidity.  My gloom deepens.  I just keep going through the steps and hoping things will turn around.  One foot, then the other.  Repeat.

And so to everyone. . .

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