Sunday, December 24, 2017

Here Comes Santa

The holiday season has been flat at the old cafe this year, almost nonexistent.  It is more like Festivus than Christmas, but these things are cyclical, I think.  Or not.  I can only wait to see.  It will be fine enough.  My mother comes over to stay tonight.  We will eat and drink and watch some Christmas movie.  In the morning we will eat and drink some more and then we will have the Christmas dinner that Whole Foods is nice enough to prepare for us.  All the ingredients.

Still, sometimes you have to live with the life you've made for yourself.

There is as much evidence of the virgin birth and of Santa Clause as there is for chakras and the power of sage, but people often prefer alternative things.  It is warm here and humid and people complain about the weather.  Still, Trump is President and is setting the policies for what is to come.

And maybe that is the Christmas spoiler this year.  Not much seems to be going our way.  Doom seems inevitable.  I'll blame the Grinch in Chief this year.  And his little helper, Hillary.

But it is Christmas Eve and I am listening to Pandora's Hipster Holidays, a mix of some pretty damn good and some pretty awful music.

I'll post something more cheery tonight or tomorrow, I'm sure.  But now I have to begin to prepare for tonight and tomorrow.  We put up the Christmas tree last night and scattered a few presents beneath it.  There will be more liquor than goods, I think, but that is o.k. this year.

It will be fine.

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