Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Living in the Age of Trump ©

This is the sort of picture that I used to think ruined photography.  Now. . . well, I may pursue it.  Loving the Mundane.  It might be my next series.  Or Mundanity in the Age of Trump.  Or maybe just The Age of Trump.  I think that will be it.  It will inform my work now.

"What was it like to live in the Age of Trump?"

Of course, there will be no one left to ask such a question.  That is pure fantasy.  Doesn't mean I won't do it, though.  It has an allure.

"Why do you want to take my picture?"

"I'm doing a photo series on living in the Age of Trump."

"Really?  What's it about?"

"It is just historical recording of an artistic type, you know, setting the austere mundanity of most our lives against the regal backdrop of the one percenters.  Just a creative juxtaposition."

"Oh.  Cool.  Sure, I'll take part."

I'm fired up.  All I want to do is get my camera out and get to work.

But I have to get to work, and it isn't with my camera.  I may take a couple Xanax today just to get through.  That must be how everyone else maintains.  I've been doing it straight my whole life, but now. . . well, it just doesn't seem possible.

Not when my project beckons.  Jesus.  Yes.  "Living in the Age of Trump ©."

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