Monday, January 22, 2018

Lost Cat

How do you catch a cat?  It must be someone's cat, very used to people.  There is no way they are catching a feral cat.  I mean, how?  Do you have one of those Spiderman web throwers?  I've never heard of this before.  Coming after the cats.

There is a cat that has been hanging around the house, a pretty black and white one.  He comes to the kitchen door and looks through the bottom panes into the house.  Initially he would run away if I approached the door, but now he sits and stares at me.  Yesterday I put my hand on the pane and he arched his back against the glass.  Hmm.  But he is definitely feral.  You can't get near him, even with food.  Ili tries.  She has begun leaving bits of food for him, first some tuna juice, last night some snow crab leg meat which he didn't seem to care for.

I've been missing like a stray cat, too.  Things happen.  Some you can tell.  Some you can't.  It is better to keep quiet this time.  Maybe, far in the future, the events will emerge as a tale.

But today. . . no pictures, no story.  Just a notice of a "Found Cat" who seems to me to be not so found at all.  Someone is missing their tabby.  I sure hope they get him back.

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