Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My New Oeuvre

One day back at the factory is all it takes for life to become an anxious tedium.  It is not the factory as much as it is me.  I am just done.  As the kids say, stick a fork in me.  I haven't, however, done the things it takes to live the life I want to live.  My fault.  I guess.  There wasn't any money, and then there was a little bit, but I was never trained.  And so the money flew out the window and over the balcony as is its wont.  Now, that balcony is--and shall remain--a luxury. 

Just a rant.  I like this photo a lot. I am going to print it big today to see.  There are a couple that I like that are recent.  My new oeuvre.  I shall conquer and prevail. 

In truth, however, anxiety overtakes me today.  A general one, I suspect, but I have learned that the unconscious is always telling you something.  It knows what my thinking brain is ignoring.  There is a storm of some sort brewing, I'll bet.  It could be Valentine's Day.  I still spell it Valentyne, but when I was a little hillbilly boy, all I ever heard was Valentimes Day.  And chimley.  It was a specialized language. 

So tomorrow let us celebrate our candy-colored love with wine and roses.  Fingers crossed, of course. 

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