Monday, March 26, 2018


Used up a week's worth of photos in yesterday's post.  Don't know when I'll get to make more.  I was on my scooter when I saw this stuffed dog hanging out of a garbage can in front of a house in a row of houses that obviated the lives within.  I wanted the picture, but knew the types and knew that I risked drawing some very big ire.  Still, it's not like I am in Syria or Iraq.  A man with a camera, though, is a very suspicious thing.  I parked the scooter and reached into my bag as a neighbor with a blower stared at me with that dirty bearded, dixie-capped, hard gaze of the secretive and suspicious.  Quick, I thought, but he was walking toward me.  I was waiting for the neighbors to start pouring out of their houses into their sandspur lots.  Rather, I was not waiting, and I looked the fellow in the eye with certainty as I got back on my scooter.  It was probably the scooter that confused him.

It's not much of a picture, and I am learning.  I mean it is just too literal.  I should have looked at the design possibilities rather than the subject, but shit, with T-Bone breathing down my neck. . . .

Still, it is a lesson learned.  Aesthetic vision is learned through practice.

And I need to think more metaphorically, too.  This pup isn't even symbolic, it's just garbage.

Oh, well.  I liked a number of the pictures I posted yesterday.  I should have saved a few.

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