Monday, July 9, 2018

Ghosts and Nightmares

Jesus.  What a horrible end to a five day "vacation."  It is back to the factory for me now.

Last night, I somehow turned off my mother's a.c. instead of setting the temperature down.  I woke up at two soaked with sweat.  I never really got back to sleep.  I just tossed around with ghosts and nightmares.  When I woke and opened the "paper," I read this (link) then this (link).  I'm on the same retirement plan as Hemingway and Thompson and Bourdain, but with less money.

I watched an interview Thompson did with Keith Richards yesterday (link).  It should be an after school special for kids showing what drugs can do.  It is weirdly fascinating.

Yesterday afternoon, I rode my scooter around with my camera.  Ha!  Just carried them, that is all.  Hungry, I stopped in a downtown place to get an eggs Benedict and a mimosa.  The place was packed with drug fueled hangovers, so sitting at the bar with nothing but derelicts to look at, I decided I'd get an Instagram account so I could see what photos were popular with the internet crowd.  In the middle of setting up my account, my eggs came, so I shut off my phone and ate.  Later, when I tried to continue, I was blocked.  I tried several times, but it seems I have been blocked from Instagram.  Their message said that some materials were deemed unsuitable.  What materials?  My Instagram name?  If I think that I was blocked by mistake, they want me to send them everything but a picture of my starfish to get "back online."  Back online!  I was never online!

I was bored the rest of my last "vacation" day.  In the late afternoon, I came back to my mother's to fix dinner and watch t.v.  We finished the last season of "Justified."  Six seasons, 78 episodes.  We watched it in two months.  My mother is sad that it is over.  "What will we watch now?"  I don't want to be mean, but I don't see any way out now.  My last vital days will be like this.

I lie in bed with ghosts and nightmares.

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