Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My Emojis

In the mornings, I cut and paste news stories and send them to friends, but I try to be judicious.  Sometimes I make a mistake which only seems normal as it is early and I send A LOT of silly stories, headlines, etc.  For instance, from this morning, this.

Who I send it to and what I comment is. . . you know. . . I wouldn't want to make a mistake.  But I do sometimes.  And then the shit hits the fan and I get a snarky reply and then my feelings are hurt and I don't send anything else to that person for awhile until I just can't stand it any more and then I'll start up again.  I have a few friends I can send anything to without fear, but there are only a couple.  They are never snarky, only witty.  They are my favorite people.

I was sent this one and then forwarded it to some others I thought would like to read it.  From a couple to whom I had not corresponded for some time, I received the snotty rebukes.

Even as I write this, two more are sent me about which I have to use good sense.

I want to send these to some feminist friends, but only a couple will see the significance.  The others would just take offense.

It is a tightrope I wake in the mornings.  I just forwarded the links to two friends, one of whom may have been a mistake.  If you look at the Beyonce Vogue cover and see too many contradictions to name, then we are on the same page.

I have these instead of emojis, but they seem to work the same way.  Nonverbal communication.  Rich in meaning and subtext.  Fun.  Better than the discussions about the worth of a life that I am having with others.  Words are even trickier than images.

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