Monday, December 24, 2018


Christmas Eve.  It is colder than usual here in the Sunny South.  We like the cold until it comes, and then not so much.  But today seems particularly holiday-inducing which is O.K. as I have marketing to do for our steak and lobster pajama party with my mother tonight.  Good food and drink will have to suffice as I've not had it in me to go shopping (except for me online).  Oh, I bought my mother a couch and truly have a gorgeous present for Ili tonight, but only one.  Perhaps I'll get to Williams and Sonoma today on the Boulevard to pick up little stocking stuffers for tonight.

I've already received too much this year following my particular fortune and fate.  So many people have sent me too much, really, so that I feel both love and embarrassment.  One should accept gifts well, though, with grace and humility.

Q sent me a ukulele.  I shit you not.  My left shoulder is so compromised I can't comfortably play it yet, but I fooled around on it for awhile when it got here and learned the tuning and some chords and will be able to make music once my shoulder is fine.  But a ukulele is a true surprise.

Jan Bernhardtz sent me a greeting card like the one above back in 2009, I believe.  I made my own and still use it today.  It seems apropos for me this year.

I don't think that way, though.  I'm looking ahead to when I can get out and make photographs again, when I can bring the camera to my eye with both hands.  Yes, I have goals.  I have fallen in love with my Leica M10 which is unusual as I usually resent having made an expensive purchase of much, much longer.  For instance, I am only now falling in love with my Leica Monochrom for which I have purchased some vintage lenses to complete the photographic look.

As soon as I have the arm and energy for it.  I was sorry to miss photographing the season this year.

Now I must think about the day.  It takes me three times as long to do anything right now as it used to take, and I run out of gas pretty quickly still, and I have to say, for all the fun of it, I dread the evening for I will be expected to participate in making fun and all I will really want to do is sit still until bedtime.

But it is Ili and my mother.  They, I think, will understand.

For those of you who have found the signal I am broadcasting, I hope you have a warm and happy Eve.

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