Monday, January 14, 2019

By Spring?

I haven't reached despair, yet, but last night I got close.  I thought about how nearI came to dying, and I realized I would have to do it again sooner or later.  It would be no more pleasant the second time around.

This is no way to lead a happy life.

I have led a happy life.

I still don't have gumption.  I can't wander yet, can't spend the day walking and lazing around cafes.  I can't carry a bag on my shoulder.  That will take a while.  You will have to wait a spell for me to come to your own hometown. 

But I wish to. 

I have a friend who lives in Manhattan, who worked for the defunct Interview magazine.  He says that the city is changing beyond recognition.  I want to get back up there before everything is gone.  He sent me photos of Asbury Park.  Photogenic, he says. 

There is much to do.  I must get well. 

By Spring? 

Metal on Bone.  No match at all. 

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