Wednesday, January 16, 2019


While I was incapacitated at my mother's house, I tried to do my own "Egglestons" around her house.  I wasn't successful.  He is more difficult to imitate than you might think.  The more I try, the more I admire his photographs.

I watched "Everything Is Photographable," the new documentary about Garry Winogrand, the other night.  I had reserved tickets to see it in Atlanta, and then when I was in L.A. I saw that it was going to play in a local theater.  I called to get tickets and was told it had been rescheduled for the night of the day that I was leaving.  Then I had the accident, so I didn't get to see it anywhere.  But you can rent it on YouTube for $3.99, so I did.  Here is my review.  Save your money.  You can see everything that is in it for free on YouTube.  There is nothing added, nothing new.  It will show on PBS in the coming months, but I wouldn't recommend you bother.  It is a true failure.

I wish that it were not so.

I am beginning to get sad.  There are many reasons.  I can't talk about it now.

But I'll tell you something; I sure would like to make a good picture.  

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