Saturday, January 5, 2019

Means Nothing

Accidental table top photo.  Just advancing the film.  Turned out to be the most interesting shot on the roll.  Means nothing.

Each night, I look forward to feeling better the next day.  Not a little better but a lot.  The next day is much like the last, so I tell myself this will take time.  Of which, I think, I am running out.  Mornings are better than evenings, of course.


Yesterday I went to the beautician.  She does what she wants.  Yesterday she wanted to cut my hair short.  She doesn't consult with me for I've told her long ago that I don't know.  I will have to get used to this one.

But I have confidence.

I have an adapter to fit screw mount lenses onto the Sony A7.  I thought I did, but I wondered why I would.  I found it and put on my two "new lenses."  The Nikon 5cm is a dream.  The Canon 3.5cm is what I had suspected, very soft focus.  These two will stay with the Monochrom.  I want to shoot today if I can find some energy.

Now I must begin my day.  The weekend will surely fly away on short wings.

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