Monday, January 28, 2019


Didn't sleep much.  Up at four-thirty drinking coffee in the dark.  My laptop has crashed.  I have tried to being it back to life, but I think there is some malware on it.  I went to an internet page yesterday, one I would think is safe (Petapixel), and my screen went black.  I've restored in recovery mode, run the diagnostics, run first aid, and have reloaded the OS, but it still only works for a bit before the screen goes blank.  I've tried starting in safe mode, etc.  It is an old laptop and really needs to be replaced, but it is difficult to spend $3,000 on something you know will only be good for a few years. Unless it is a camera, of course.  I may look at buying a used computer.  I don't need to use if for much.  Yea, I don't need to do much on it at all.

I'll do some thinking.

I went to therapy this morning.  Put cones on a shoulder-high shelf.  Wow.  I never realized how hard that was before.  I mean. . . I have a long way to go.

It is winter here, cold and wet and grey.  I didn't move yesterday except to go to my mother's house for dinner.  It is liberating, a little, to spend the day on the couch.  I guess some can spend a winter there.

I watched two shows yesterday featuring the photographer Martin Parr.  I am sick with envy.  He is a little older than I.  He studied photography in college, and when he got out, that is what he continued to do.  He has never done anything else as far as I can tell. He has decades of photographs now.  How did he do it?  Why didn't I?

I will try to do it in the next decade or two, I guess.  Yes. . . .

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