Wednesday, January 2, 2019


A bad year ended well.  On the last evening, I bit into a gummy candy and pulled off a crown.  December 31.  I am hoping that is the end of it.  I go to the dentist tomorrow.  We'll see if I am lucky or not.

I love this photo for silly reasons.  It is a film picture taken straight from a scan without manipulation.  The colors of film are different from digital.  I can't explain it.  Flowers and light and art.  So be it.

I have returned to the factory.  People are nice, but the day has worn me out.  I am not well though I have fooled myself sitting on the couch.  Long way to go.

I want to take pictures, kids.  I really do.  But all I can manage now are the occasional snapshot, so that is what we'll live with.  I am studying the masters with intensity, though, trying to determine what they did and why they did it.  I look at picture after picture in search of answers.  It is difficult.  I want to look at everything they did, not simply the book or two (or ten) that has been published.  Surely there is an algorithm for each project.

I continue to photograph my house, my yard, the trash cans and car fenders, getting each a bit better or worse but sometimes knowing why.  Everything is a matter of focus and talent.  Talent.  What is that?  It is a cover word too large and ambiguous.  It is in a category of words that oppress us.  It has more to do with madness, I think.

I'll tell you more as I think of it.

A forbidden whiskey and some glee.  We find it where we can.

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