Thursday, January 3, 2019


More film fun.  Healthy veggie smoothy. I need a lot of health.

Quick post at dawn.

That didn't work.  Let's try noon.  But this doesn't work, either.  What do I have to say.  I am able to perform my functions.  Nothing more.  Some of them.  I need help with others.

"How are you feeling?  Are you in pain?"

"I'm doing great."  What else can you say.  "Better than yesterday."  Some days, that's a lie.  After a day at the factory, I hurt all night.  Not much sleep.  Feeling like poop today.  Fortunately, the factory is busy.  I deal with few people.

I put off things that need doing.

Having written that, I realize. . . I must do them now.

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