Thursday, February 28, 2019

Enough for Me

Last day at the factory for a bit.  My leather RH couch will be delivered late this afternoon.  I will be sitting in my Essex green room on my leather couch reading or watching something grand on television.  It doesn't sound like much to you, perhaps, but it is what I have.  And it is fine. 

Much chatter about the bunny rabbits.  I was sent videos of hawks taking bunnies.  And cats.  What can you do about the grandeur of a hawk.  Q says to get Ili the dog.  Ha!  Of course he says that.  He is stuck for the next fifteen or so years with a fur shedder.  The dog will grow out of eating seat belts, sure, but weekends in the city will be problematic.  It is pretty much a must, though, to have a dog if you have a kid.  Dogs help kids immune systems, I believe.  I think I read that.  And they are good for psychological development,too.  Kids learn early on that dogs are better than people.  And then the dog dies, and they learn that as well.  Prepares them for their parents departure.  

But I don't need any of that.  For the first time in twenty-some years, I don't have an animal to take care of.  It is fine.  Animals in the house seems gross now.  What sort of people do that?  You have to watch old National Geographic specials to answer that one. 

I'm looking forward to a drink on the couch later today.  Boy oh boy, that will be something.

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