Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Ili wants a dog, but I am dead against it.  I have had cats and dogs in my house always.  Finally there is no dirt, no hair.  My nose doesn't run.  My eyes do not itch.  The wood floors are clean enough to lie on.  Nope.  Nope.  I know they are sweet.  I know they are good for you.  But nope. I've been through it.  Done. 

So. . . we've decided on bunnies.  Not indoor bunnies, but bunnies that live in the yard.  People have them in their yards.  We see them on our walks.  They hop around and eat things and they will come to you when called, crawl up in your lap and give you nibbles. 

For around two weeks, I presume.  Then the hawks or the snakes will get them.  But if it will make Ili happy. . . .

You know how people begin to look like their pets?  I assume I will start to look like a bunny.  Ili says she has already begun to lean in that direction. 


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