Sunday, February 24, 2019

Little Pleasure

I am feeling punky.  My mother and Ili have been sick for weeks. My woes seem more tied to my accident.  My ribs and shoulder ache like the devil.  I don't care to do anything, and it scares me.

Last night I watched the Van Gogh movie, something Eternity, with Willem Dafoe.  It was so bad, I don't even remember the name.  Terrible, really.  That Dafoe is getting an Academy nod just testifies to how bad movies were this year.  Not a good year at all, I think.  But I haven't watched "BlackkKlansman" yet, and that looks to be something.

I won't watch the Academy Awards tonight.

I plan to read much today.  It seems a day for reading.  Tomorrow the painter comes to paint the library/t.v. room Essex green.  The new leather couch comes Thursday.  The wildflowers are growing though not yet blooming.  Those are my pleasures right now.

Take the pleasure as you can.  Make some, too.  If you can.

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