Friday, February 22, 2019


Mundane things.  Nothing to report on except household news.  Leather couch is ordered.  Painter came today and will start work Monday.  Painting the library room where the couch is going a Hunter's green.  Dark leather, dark walls, a real whiskey drinking place.  I will work in the garden again this weekend, too.  The wildflower seed I planted last weekend are already coming up.  I should have flowers in a couple more weeks, just in time for spring break.  Everything is a "stay-cation" this time of year.  Why would I go someplace else.  Everyone wants to come here.  And I will have a "new" room.  Must get everything done before the overwhelming heat comes this year.  Trees to trim, insulation to be blown in.  There is never an end to things.  

It is pretty today.  I will not stay long at the factory.  I am addicted to sitting on the deck now in the pretty weather and watching the birds and the garden.  Tough stuff, but somebody. . . etc.  

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