Tuesday, February 26, 2019

There Are Many Pleasures

The painter's done his work.  The old couch has been taken.  Now the room is bare and Essex green.  The chandelier will be here mid-March, the couch on Thursday.  We have ordered deep vermillion drapes for the window.  Therein lie life's pleasures for the moment. That and gardening.  We will go "carporching" this weekend to find gardening pots.  That is the hillbilly term for going to garage sales.

A few more days of work and I will have a ten day break.  Gardening, eating lunch and drinking wine, taking naps, etc.  Maybe--just maybe--I'll be able to ride a bicycle.  I am hoping.

What I am saying is that there is still a life after the life of physical adventure.  There are still many, many things.  I'll continue to enjoy many things.

Abbot's Pizza, Venice, day and night.  I didn't plan these, of course, just found them in the camera.

I haven't taken a picture for weeks.  I haven't really taken a picture for months.  Maybe over break.

Maybe not.

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