Friday, March 15, 2019

Forget Caesar

Ides of March, an ominous day.

Beware!  I think I'll stay away from the factory today.  I have an a.c. guy coming to give me a quote on a new system.  Probably an inauspicious day for that.  I wasn't aware.  In ancient times (?), March 15 was a day to settle debts.  I read that on the internet, so you know it must be true.

Life after vacation is always tough, even for me.  Especially for me.

I have little time.  After the a.c. guy come the wrecking--I mean cleaning--crew.

No, I don't think I'll go to work today, though I fear I may just be staying home to mope.

*     *     *     

The a.c. guy was just here, took a look, and gave me a quote.  OUCH!  But what can one do?  I'll call another company and see what they say, but I'm pretty sure all the major players are going to be similar.  And as soon as I have it installed, someone will say, "Oh, man, I wish I would have known!  I've got a guy who could get you a real deal. . . ."

Ides of March.  Forget Caesar.  The debt collector is here.

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