Thursday, March 14, 2019


We've yet to perfect human behavior, and I don't know why, but as a result, life gets complicated.  Maybe it's just me.  Other people seem to do fine.  They get lots of "likes."  I am part of a couple group texts.  They drive me crazy.  Someone will post something then somebody adds something like an image and then the whole thing blows up with each person trying to "like" or love something or somebody more than anyone else.  Then I'll write something and the group goes silent.  I think they just switch channels or something.  Nobody ever "likes" what I post. 

That is not what I meant, though, about perfecting human behavior.  I just sort of bled over into the other thing.  I was thinking of face to face interaction.  How can it go so swell for so long and then one day just turn to shit?  There is something wrong with the human psyche. 

But another person need not be involved, really.  I've had weeks alone where I have been happy and content only to wake one morning in a most sour and hateful mood where and when nothing seems like fun. 

I want perfecting. 

Sure, you want more specific details.  Nope.  Can't happen.  Just can't. 

This weekend is the local Art Festival, so my own hometown will be quite crowded.  Saturday night is the annual art party at one of my friend's house, a beautiful affair carried out to the sounds of a Django Reinhardt gypsy trio.  I look forward to that.

Can I say "gypsy"?  

 Some days are better than others.  What can I tell you?  Here's hoping for a wonderful weekend.  I'll keep you informed. 

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