Friday, March 22, 2019

Leaps and Bounds

Went to the doc today for a two month checkup.  I tell him what I am doing.  He tells me I am doing well.  Keep doing therapy, he says.  Not recommending surgery yet.  I am relieved.  I am not ready for another surgery right now.  I leave the office hoping, but my arm feels dead.  Still, I make progress every therapy session and every workout.  I try to stay positive.  It is not about being able to clean the shower, I laugh, but about ego.  Looking good.  That one made the therapist smile.

I will skip the factory today.  Ili is out of town for the weekend.  First time alone since the accident.  Today was the first time driving myself to a doctor.  Felt odd, a bit scary.  Lonely, really.  What will I do, I wonder?  What am I able to do?

There is the usual and the mundane, of course.  Yard work to be done.  I will go to the gym.  The hours will pass unremarkably.  Perhaps I will take my first nap on the new leather couch.  Surely that.  Perhaps I will make some photos, but don't put good money on it.  But maybe.

The day is gorgeous.  I must take advantage of this weather.  I sit in a dark room writing because my laptop is dead.  I need to get a new one.  Maybe that, though it is another $3,000 down the drain.  I am having trouble pulling the trigger on that one.

That is the shape of things.  Leaps and bounds.  Leaps and bounds.

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