Thursday, March 21, 2019

Moon Cycle

I'll write tonight in case I can't write tomorrow.  Super moon and all of that.  Ili is at a Moon Cycle group tonight.  I made that up, sort of.  A friend of mine has a meditation/yoga group, and she invited Ili to come.  God knows.  I asked my friend if they were going to cut the head off a chicken and drink the blood and throw the bones, etc.  I said I didn't want Ili coming home with her hair chopped off and a new tattoo.  There will be healing crystals for sure.  Whatever makes her happy.  

I am not the mystical type, so a lot of what they do is silly to me--but as I always say, it's easier than science.  I like horoscopes, though.  They are always right.  

Chakras and rakai.  I don't know.  

The moon will be out soon.  I will go to look at it alone with a glass in my hand.  There will be the normal melancholy and inwardness.  It is something I enjoy.  

I shouldn't be so dismissive.  One of the things I have learned in life is to eat more fiber.  Science is only now catching up to its importance.  But people knew.  There is a wisdom that leads science in the right direction.  It is just difficult to know.  

I hope Ili has fun tonight at the Moon Circle.  That is not what it is called.  And I hope she doesn't come home with a new tattoo.  

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