Thursday, March 7, 2019

Manor or Manner?

I almost bought an $800 jacket, a beautiful silk/cotton thing.  I look very, very good in it.  At the last moment, though, I either changed my mind or came to my senses.  This has already been a Spring Break the Bank for me.  Part of me says, "What's another $800?"  And then the old hillbilly in me kicks in.  I'm already upside down on one tiny room.  I have a whole house to repair.

And yet, people buy $800 jackets all the time.  This one is very unconstructed, can be dressed up or down, worn with jeans and a t-shirt or with slacks (I love the word) and some expensive Ferragamos like my man in front of Taylors Pharmacy takes care of every day.  Yes, they sell those jackets like nothing on the Boulevard, and it kills me that I have to be one of the hillbillies for whom a jacket like that is a little bit of breaking the bank.

There is no end to the money one spends on an old, wooden house.  It is constant and never cheap.

I could sell a camera. . . .

I will not buy another camera until Leica brings out the next M which will have an electronic viewfinder built-in.  I will sell all mine before it comes out in order to afford it.  But that won't be for a few more years.

You see, cameras are tools. . . like that jacket.  Well, that's one way to look at it (if you wish to convince yourself).

Vacation is passing all too quickly, of course.  The weather is perfect and the days are both lazy and productive.  We eat and drink well and sit among our rooms and gardens and admire our labors.  There is nothing like leisure work.  I should have been born to it, this life, this manor (manner?).

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