Saturday, March 9, 2019

Nerd Fest

I'm in the last weekend of my vacation which technically is just the weekend and not part of the vacation at all.  It has been everything I wanted.  I have been semi-productive and I am relaxed.  I am supposed to do some yard work today, but I think I will shower and go to lunch instead.  I have been to the gym and I am wet and stink and I want to get clean.  Once clean. . . .

The ottoman arrived yesterday.  It is beautiful and makes it easy for me to fall asleep watching t.v.  We watched "The Favorite, and fell asleep.  I don't think it is a very good movie.  I am tired of watching things that are supposed to be good.  Ili and I have decided to watch only dumb shows for awhile.  We get more out of them than we do movies like "The Favorite," etc.  No more mid-cult intellectual for us.  We're going deep into low-cult/no-cult.  We won't feel so bad about falling asleep.

I bought a wonderfully expensive scotch to go with the leather couch and ottoman.  Everything fit together well.  Grilled a N.Y. Strip two and a half fingers thick to perfection.  It was a nice way to end the week.

Ili ordered bird feeders including two hummingbird feeders.  We sit out at night and watch the show.  It is a bird extravaganza this time of year.  I've gotten out the binoculars.  We are birders.  I want the official Jane Hathaway birder outfit and hat.

And that's it for the nerd report.  I need a shower now.

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